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Registered address: http://s.gary.kijiji.cn/098_admin5.htmlThe common problems of

how to add custom service Kijiji channel?

click on the registration, fill in the website information, define your level two channel, resolved to Kijiji server, customize your custom area, will be able to get your own life information channel!

channel custom service charge?

is completely free and does not charge any fees. And not against you in the Kijiji channel page to add their own advertising, get extra income. Do you need to register for


need to register, after a few simple steps will be able to use the channel Kijiji custom service.

how much content can be customized?

you can view the page style of the custom service of the channel, which specifies the customizable parts, including the head, tail, and the right. Does the

meet in the channel custom to join the advertisement?

will not provide you with Kijiji is completely personalized information service, there is no Kijiji advertising.

what are the conditions for using custom service?

you can click to view the service user agreement, there is a detailed description of the user.

how to ensure that bilateral cooperation is long-term and effective?

can Kijiji signed a long-term cooperation agreement with you, to ensure the rights and interests of both sides. For details, please contact (021) 52589820-8565 or [email protected]

how to do the two domain CNAME resolution?

please click here to view our production of CNAME parsing tutorial

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