Artificial intelligence involved in electricity supplier big data driven Jingdong future

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future e-commerce is called big data providers. According to the definition of big data providers, big data of the future electricity supplier at least three aspects as follows, one is O2O, which combines online and offline; two is paid, the positive interaction between users and vendors; three is the individual, namely a thousand thousand faces.


double smoke has not cleared, the major electricity providers have begun to count this year results. Jingdong which 11 to 10 points in the period of time, the number of orders reached the same period last year, 2.4 times the number of times of 0. In the category of goods Jingdong, mobile phone category orders reached 3 times the same period last year, significantly higher than the overall growth. Meanwhile, the proportion of mobile terminal orders accounted for 3 times last year. The mobile terminal popularity can not be ignored in this year eleven, Jingdong introduced the famous Microsoft "black technology" — artificial intelligence wheatgrass housekeeper. It is understood that the wheatgrass skills upgrading, disruptive innovation is the largest underlying the use of electricity in data integration and artificial intelligence.

11 this year, a large number of trends show that the future development direction of big data providers are clear. Big data seems to have become the first supplier of electricity supplier development. How big data should be combined with the electricity supplier? How big data will drive future new business? Big data will give consumers what? The wheatgrass cooperation with Jingdong seem to be discerned.

why wheatgrass hand Jingdong

as a business giant in the field, with ten years of business experience of Jingdong has accumulated a lot of valuable data, Jingdong at a low price, genuine licensed and quickly attracted a large number of users is quality. Until now, the Jingdong every day will produce hundreds of millions of millions of users of PV, the data for any business, are very precious and valuable.

for Microsoft, Jingdong’s huge value of hundreds of millions of PV. Wheatgrass to real training data is large public data network. In order to obtain wisdom Moore exponential increase, wheatgrass needs large data domestication and guidance, Jingdong big data is the best textbook.

in June 5, 2013, Jingdong, Jingdong, Jingdong released the tripod Jingdong cloud engine, Jingdong cloud sinks three solutions, to speed up the layout of cloud service Jingdong. 2013, Jingdong and the United States information storage and cloud computing solutions provider EMC cooperation, joint research and development in the cloud and big data, which in fact reflects the big data anxiety Jingdong. In the face of big data Ali’s electricity supplier layout, Jingdong also hope to be able to promote the development of big data cloud computing, big data to cloud computing technology in the promotion of commercial products throughout the field of electronic commerce, Jingdong drive technology and business upgrade.

face Microsoft Asia Internet Engineering Academy olive branch, Jingdong can not resist. Jingdong urgent need for big data and applications to mine the data accumulated over the past ten years, in order to gain business intelligence, support for better development of Jingdong. In fact, before the big data into a popular term, Microsoft has embarked on the application of big data and >

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