My 5 years of Taobao experience hope to help you

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Taobao has been involved in

for more than 5 years, opened the C shop, open day cat shop, did the store operations have failed is brilliant.

all right now, is further expansion for the cause.

always wanted to send the article on the network, out of the sound. The side of the information, experience, and even business ideas to share to share, but if I want to share out, not more people know, if peers know, it would be.

so, has quietly absorbed the experience of others, do their own things but never share.

last month with a self media friends chatted for an afternoon, let me. On the Internet to share, but also must share the dry cargo. Only by allowing others to get something of value to be recognized.

I’m not what Daniel, there is no record of the annual turnover of hundreds of millions a year, death will millions of turnover only, to earn hundreds of thousands, for our small team that is satisfied.

In fact, before the

Taobao, I do website background, degree is not high, so the people do see, typos please forgive me, if the article is of value to everyone, hope to share with more people, let more people learn.

let’s talk about customer service!

customer service, I believe we will feel very simple, is not the customer service. However, if it comes to the details, many people may not be aware of the following to share some of my personal experience.

one, the enthusiasm of this nature do not have to say. We want to hear a buzz sound extremely excited, immediately to reply immediately. This is for small sellers or self-employed shop should be paid more attention, but for enterprise big sellers, recruitment service is very difficult to do this.

still is that we need to take the customer as a friend to communicate, can understand his needs, can be recommended, can make friends with QQ or WeChat to precipitate customer data, the first time no deal never mind, as long as the QQ, the late promotional activities, he will be able to see the dynamic update in the QQ transaction, sooner or later.

two, to do a good job of customer service also need to record the data of customers, such as customer demand, shopping features, and shopping time and so on, these can be recorded later via SMS or QQ WeChat to push this message, we can make a table to record.

three, this basically each seller will encounter things, the customer is a bargain. Of course, the customer requirements to bargain, we cannot directly to refuse, so maybe it will immediately turn off your window so you want, Taobao high price certainly, and you have to bargain purchase intention for your products.

we can make some concessions if the profit is allowed. >

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