Double eleven who decorated the dream

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November 11th eyes to see, the annual double eleven electricity supplier war will be staged. In the Taobao trumpeted, the original ordinary day is the crown "singles day" name, but rather baffling with "shopping" sign. Many online shopping to join the army, the achievements of the many business website headed by Taobao with the seller, so the so-called "hand chop party" this one sounds quite horrible noun.

2013 double eleven, Taobao only a total turnover of up to $35 billion, a large number of online shopping for its contribution to the army. September 19, 2014, Alibaba listed on the NYSE in the United States, a moment of unlimited scenery, no two limelight.

is a friend of my little gold, 80 girls, since 2009, Taobao first resorted to "double eleven" banner, which she ran into, bored. Online shopping is not usually, only eleven yuan each time spent in a thousand dollars. Two days before the QQ to see online, asked for what feast ah. She answered: money back "chant ~ ~ my surprise". Because people are familiar with her know that she is a typical "hand chop party".

after a long time, she replied: "now more and more feel no meaning. We like millions of ants, follow the blind, suddenly found just decorated the dream of others, I was still in the nude". Although Yao Conggang has been opposed in online shopping, but this change…… temporarily unknown, girls do not understand the mind, it is change.

she said that now is not how online shopping, have to save some money for the future plan, and now began to study the horse P2P financial management. Although I do not understand finance, but in the Internet industry, the Internet Financial fiery P2P or heard drop. Because often see P2P platform running, lost contact with god horse, so remind her to be careful not to be cheated. She replied: "any income naturally has the corresponding risk, which is common sense. The key is to really understand, to have their own judgment, rather than just listen to what others say. Anything will always be good, some people sing bad". She said the election is the first state-owned platform in Hubei, I do not understand. But I admit in addition to some truth in what she said, but had a sigh: really after three days, when

sit up and take notice!Of course I am

for her transformation, has been thinking about a problem: 11, some of the so-called rather baffling festivals, and how "shopping" a sign, also recognized


now in addition to the electricity supplier website, is almost a business to do with speculation, expect to join the fun, accounting for light. All kinds of advertising bombardment, make people dizzy. However, after the noisy? When the carnival ended, all this with you, I like you and me, and many ordinary consumers have? Can’t you say you are proud of the achievements of the Jingdong? Or can proudly say Ali listed cannot do without your contribution to


even if you contribute to the development of electricity providers

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