Respect rice network staged a friendship jump suspected of being forced to live together with Google

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webmaster network: domain information exchange platform for the famous ( today the main domain name to jump to the Google official website home page, click on its website through Baidu sub pages can be accessed normally, the specific reasons unknown, the initial guess is the site upgrade or attacked by.


home page screenshot: the main domain has been jumped to Google home page

yesterday afternoon, I opened the statue rice network, found that the site can not access. That is the network fault, did not care, today once again open the statue meters found the site, the domain name has to jump to the Google official homepage, and through Baidu click the corresponding sub page, found part of the page can still be a normal visit.


by Baidu snapshots can click into its domain name brokerage service, you can visit

snapshot from Baidu to see, recently included time for August 21, 2008, the following screenshot:



initially ruled out the possibility of the acquisition of the domain name, Lenovo can not visit yesterday afternoon, I guess the site may be upgraded or suffered malicious attacks due to specific reasons webmaster network editor will follow the report.

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