When cake meets E commerce

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Combined with the traditional

industry and electronic commerce, is now a hot commercial society people talk, from books to clothes, from cosmetics to digital, even the traditional luxury diamond is now the electronic commerce new favorite. So, when the sweet cake meets the electronic commerce, can wipe out what kind of spark?

has the largest cake chain propaganda hollyland into the electronic commerce, the voice did not fall, the domestic well-known venture capital institutions Lenovo announced venture investment 20 million to an ordinary cake 21cake e-commerce platform. According to CNNIC’s latest report shows that Chinese Internet users has reached 384 million, e-commerce is in a booming trend, it seems that with the improvement of people’s living standard, the cake e-commerce may be a highlight of the development of the future.

love cake Xi’an network (www.029dangao.com) gives the answer, carries the dream of young people in Xi’an and the top of the cake baker formed love cake of the Xi’an nets team. In fact the Internet to sell flowers cake is not what happens, flowers, chocolate and cake is one of the earliest applications of e-commerce products, but in fact this cake as a single product, before most are the flower shop and sell, we ordered in a flower on the site do not know this cake a flower shop where the cake, cake is not a flower, is the entrance of things, the title of food hygiene and safety to ensure who happened? Where to find? These problems had also hovered in love cake Xi’an network CEO Zhao Zhuo’s heart, now, he is going to


same price, plus 30%

The actual cost of

we take the line to open a cake shop, for example, equipment is the need to make cake a cake shop at the very least, main and auxiliary equipment also need to add up to 5000-6000 yuan, the initial raw material costs about 5000 yuan, turnover 1000 yuan, the store area at least 10 square meters, facade decoration needs about 2000-3000 yuan, plus two wages, these costs are actually transferred to the consumers, so consumers have to spend more money to want to buy a cake, so cake shop this new consumer Internet experience just in Xi’an, it has been greatly welcome the people of Xi’an.

to build the central cake kitchen

a key weapon love cake Xi’an network is its central kitchen cake, the cake is as the name suggests, the central kitchen, a city in the construction of a large cake in the kitchen, the kitchen cake is not open for business, is only responsible for the production. The technical staff is from five star hotel has more than ten years of experience in the production of cake master. The central kitchen of health management is very strict, before entering the production staff to pass strict disinfection and sterilization treatment, other personnel are not allowed to enter, to ensure the health and quality of production out of the cake. As long as you log on to the site or make a phone call, there will be a professional love cake customer service staff to accept your order or >

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