Taobao training novice sellers how to find quality sources

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Taobao three, operating seven goods! Taobao ladies sellers of ups and downs, can survive and live well, basically there is a good supply of goods, style positioning clear, shop location.

because the source advantage, this shop is very easy to perform mold shop 5 strength: visibility, awareness, reputation, loyalty, satisfaction.

you see, there are hundreds of thousands of fans in Taobao’s good women’s clothing store. Such a shop has spent a simple search stage, through the fans with the fans of social communication. Conversion rate is very high rate of return.

shops are starting from 0 to 10 million, because at the beginning of the right choice of the route, so it will be more moist behind.

correct women’s clothing store route is: choose a good source of goods, three points of operation of the goods of seven points to put more effort to burnish the product rather than looking for loopholes in Taobao system.

from the women’s sources, the most competitive women’s clothing in the supply of three main sources: Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

is willing to do a long-term, style, there are fans, the future can be the operation of the brand shop, you can focus on these three market supply.

Hangzhou women’s road map:

Hangzhou clothing wholesale market is undoubtedly the first Sijiqing clothing wholesale market, she is known as the first East large clothing wholesale market is China! The most influential clothing wholesale market, the founder has been nearly 20 years! The rest of the Sijiqing children’s clothing wholesale market, hangpai boutique clothing market, Qianjiang clothing the commodity market, Qianjiang market inventory of foreign trade clothing wholesale market a few small. Sijiqing wholesale market is divided into new and old two, is currently the best of old Sijiqing market business, the best two floor ladies’ business, there are a lot of their manufacturers, is also one of the lowest price of the market place. Evergreen, the third floor is the men’s clothing, relatively young, the first floor there are some men’s clothing, more mature style, the two floor of the women’s clothing to do a little better than the old market business. Township government, the price and the old market almost, but the style is more complex. China foreign trade new hangpai, overpass Qingtai below, are mainly small brands, style is not too uniform. Nine foreign trade, new and old nine nine, several foreign trade market are similar, the old star 9 floor men’s most, and most imitation brand clothing wholesale, Adidas brand like Nike and some other things. Hangzhou clothing market, in order to compare the main brand of Hangzhou Hangzhou, mainly in high-end fashion style. Hangzhou boutique is usually referred to as the new Hangzhou old Hangzhou faction is the two markets; Hangzhou Sijiqing boutique, the price of almost the same as the Hangzhou, the majority of casual clothing. Italian clothing market, in order to do packaged goods, low prices.

Guangzhou women’s road map:

Guangzhou Shahe clothing Market: Guangzhou, Shahe clothing wholesale market is the three largest service in Guangzhou

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