The three day war special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival four night glory Bracelet zero

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celebrate the golden monkey years, are you how to choose a can do "face" and take into account the practical new year gifts and confused? Glory to repay the new and old users to launch a special promotional activities, special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival "intimate selection glory hand ring zero’s most light luxury temperament no threshold limit the new year brings huge benefits for new and old users. January 18th -1 month 20 days, all day long on the evening of 21 20:00-22:00, during the last three days and four nights, the official landing platform purchase glory Bracelet zero classic version and zeroSS version of the glory bracelet, can enjoy the preferential price straight down 30 yuan. By then, the glory Bracelet zero will be fully open to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival feast, the Spring Festival, the new year stockpile now bursting with happiness of



as the spring "hoarding" the tide of ritual blockbuster, glory Bracelet zero become a large number of users to celebrate the golden monkey year wrist treasure with exquisite beyond compare appearance, not only can help the user to decorate the image shine in the Spring Festival party, is more friends and relatives of the perfect gift, noble and elegant highlight technology heritage, personality and lost light luxury taste. During the event, landed HUAWEI Mall (, Jingdong (, Tmall HUAWEI mall official flagship store ( spm=a1z10.1-b.w5003-12116928440.34.ovSlQE& id=? 525219252785& scene=taobao_shop) the official purchasing platform, glory bracelet, original price of 399 yuan, 599 yuan glory Bracelet zero zero SS version, in the "special purchases for the Spring Festival major preferential policies" are straight down 30 yuan, will be 369 yuan (569 yuan, zero glory bracelet) (glory Bracelet zero SS version) the price is available.


it is understood that the glory Bracelet zero follow the Nordic minimalist aesthetic design style, subject to 1.06 inch touch screen with white light OLED deep black dial, and the market’s smart bracelet and be quite different; no crown dial design all blend into one harmonious whole periphery, buttons and other ancillary components, selection of high strength stainless steel after carefully polished and multi process texture highlights. In addition, the glory Bracelet zero white, khaki wristbands and black three colors. It is worth mentioning that the participation of a large Pro zero SS glory Bracelet version in glory Bracelet zero on the basis of Yan value and innovation high, not only in the implementation of the Italy leather strap for the material around the loop type design, drawing and rose gold and rose gold two mirror dial styles available >

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