Chen Congling Cn to continue a dollar is a move

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yesterday,.Cn" CNNIC announced " " supplier;.Cn; the first registered one yuan " the activity continues. The purpose is to continue to spread China national domain name, strengthen Internet application and so on. It should be full of tears to announce the good news of " ", against its original intention for this


Cnnic the original abacus is this number: 1, CN corn prices.-> 2, registered corn and more people.-> 3, the site of the people increased. Stop! Stop here! If your web site do a certain scale, CNNIC will reveal a hideous face, you don’t forget it, just say the first year of registration is a piece of money, in the second year… Hum, human Daozu, you fish, the number of people selling them money!

Ya dream is beautiful! The first step to achieve,.Cn registration is increased exponentially, is now approaching million. But to do with the.Cn station is? I’m afraid not two hundred thousand! Alas, CNNIC does not take into account the netizen’s attitude, almost all of Cai Niaoyu Michong corn hands, the corn is used to send big money. They are clearly CNNIC corn worm and media excitement and inspiration. Dreams flourishes. However, things like this corn dear yuan, the number of the more depreciation! National investment will destroy any money. Do stand little enough, Qiazhiyisuan, at least 70% it is rubbish station – it is not difficult to understand, a piece of money, who will cherish? Dumpster flooded the Internet and Google Baidu! Anger more difficult to understand. Baidu included reducing to.Cn! Adsense has become more and more difficult for the network and then more and more! Many people say,.Cn is rubbish! Do not stand for.Cn! These have already made CNNIC heart. Tencent even said, in the QQ.Cn block all web site! This news has been proved not true, I guess who is putting pressure on Tencent Tencent. The despotic, who to put pressure on the


above.Cn forming a chain reaction, enthusiasm for registered users hit as can be imagined! In order to restore the decline, CNNIC had to continue the price. This is a Hobson. Extended registration storm, and " to strengthen the Internet application is just one aspect of.

second,.Cn next year the price of cabbage broken million is certainly no problem, do the worst, nine were thrown away ten corn, and more than 1 million 200 thousand. The next year, the price of one hundred dollars. The.Cn mentioned is one hundred and twenty million. " ", cost deduction;; up code there are one hundred million yuan and every year! There are, in the contemporary era, will benefit future generations!

again, perhaps is to maintain his increase, the registration is sure to fall down! The decline CNNIC emerged. Not to say that the national domain name,.Cn ranked second in foreign countries? Are waiting to see the play it.Cn>!

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