Jingdong vs electricity supplier second echelon with the number 1 shop also started mobile Festival

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April 9th, Jingdong mall and shop No. 1 also started the annual mobile Festival large-scale promotional activities, the cycle is from 9 to 19 days, ten days. Whether it is from the activities of the page style or product category settings are highly homogeneous of this big crash, then also caused a lot of concern in the industry.

some time ago jumei.com and Le bee network beauty electricity supplier war were not scattered, mobile phone providers during the wave of war has started, but it is worth noting that the mobile phone business volume with rivals far more people to shop No. 1, is a challenger." An electricity supplier industry insiders pointed out.

speed transit network vice president Yu Tak told reporters bluntly, the No. 1 store, the mobile phone section to a greater extent can only be understood as a marketing event, took his sideline hit someone’s business, ultimately only one purpose: to attract users, making communication effect.

price war or marketing war

1 store insiders Xu told reporters, shop No. 1 from the original start of the daily category, at this stage is gradually expanding sales category. Some time ago to start selling fresh and strong push 3C mobile phone products are examples. The new field of each is an uphill battle, into the fresh products are Tmall mall, SF preferred and I bought the food network and other existing competitors, enter the field of mobile phone sales are strong competitors.

, however, the company has been determined, after this time of the year will be the number 1 mobile phone shop." Xu Fang said, "the 3C category price war has always been a major category of" the strongest suction eye. ". As to whether it is certainly not for Jingdong, but Jingdong is certainly one of the opponents."

Wei Huazhen, vice president of

1 shop, told reporters that this year’s digital 3C is our strategic category, the company will significantly enhance the investment in this category. This category has become the electricity supplier for the category, shop No. 1, this category is also a matter of course. "Digital 3C commodity price is high, small size, light weight, easy delivery, product standardization. For consumers, the price of this category is more sensitive. There is no doubt that this year the price competition will be more intense in this category."

The name

is not so abacus Shop No. 1. The mall has been undoubtedly fall Jingdong rival as the imaginary enemy. This is a theory in marketing, similar to the 42 dial thousand pounds. It is then not really in this field, but is willing to spend money to sell. Fancy is the Jingdong 3C as one of the main industry, is still under the huge loss of pressure, also dare not let go the price war." Industry insiders say.

Yi Xun Pan Biao, director of operations has pointed out that the main goal of this year’s Jingdong is profitable in order to pave the way for the subsequent IPO. So Jingdong’s price has no advantage. Jingdong does not want to fight a price war, but can not afford the price war."

the same situation also exists in Jingdong and

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