Honey bud Ecological Marketing from the beginning of cross border integration of resources

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introduction: the present era is the best of times, the leader of the capital is not absolute single skill, casting, but comprehensive core barriers seems to play cross that the ecological, does not matter, because all of it, they had no boundaries.

April 2016, the first pure honey bud exclusive title variety "Cui Shen" to parenting network.

May 18, 2016, honey bud & music as the joint break the world, win-win ecology, ecological cooperation mode.

May 20, 2016, honey bud combined together to create "Shenzhou car, in the name of love, honey bud that the original"

May 31, 2016, held the annual honey bud baby industry awards – MIA fashion award.

May 31, 2016 19 – 21 points, honey bud joint Hunan Golden Eagle cartoon to create "Honey bud 61 at night" children’s Day party live.

19:30 on June 1, 2016 centrifugals bud exclusive title CCTV "happy growth" 61 party, and the whole China mom and dad with fun 61


if you take the calendar and then look forward, you will find the honey bud more cross-border combination of boxing.

everybody is talking about when cross-border and ecology, the first not to do the evaluation, we need to think about a problem, there is a gain benefit to the streams of people busily coming and going. We can from the night honey bud Fashion Award, honey bud 61 surprise to find the answer.

in early July 2015, the largest cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud held the first "Honey bud Fashion Award", and released the "Honey bud baby Awards List", so that mothers found child rearing and charming fashion circle intersection. As the country’s first fully produced by mother consumer user behavior list, "Honey bud baby Awards List" is known as "maternal and child supplies industry COSME awards".

(2015 honey bud fashion ceremony site)


awards that night, Wang Han, Aya, Li Chen award, Christy Chung, Annie Yi, Huo Siyan, Du Jiang and other star couple parents and honey bud users personally for the award-winning brand; COSME and President Yoshida Naoshi attended the awards and honey bud CEO Liu Nan together for the award-winning brand, praised the list provides a professional and stylish consumer guide for China’s mother. To fill the gaps in the field of child.

It is reported that in 2016

, honey bud awards include the more than 1 thousand child list for 12 months by the brand, consumer behavior data accumulation, combined with Baidu mobile phone authority issued. Including maternal and child brands of the year superstar and maternal and child single product TOP10, eventually producing 67 global brands list.


list covers feeding, cleaning, skin care, clothing, toys, equipment, travel, education, health care and other maternal and child Home Furnishing the whole category.

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