Alibaba and the CGA cooperation to build a second hand car trading platform O2O

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Alibaba and CGA cooperation: the two sides will build a second-hand car trading platform O2O

[TechWeb] August 19th News reported today, the Alibaba Group officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou and CGA, together to create a second-hand car trading platform O2O. The two sides will be in the field of second-hand car O2O trading platform for in-depth cooperation, and jointly create a second-hand car O2O trading norms and standards. president epilepsy row, said: "the Internet auction is the most effective second-hand car sales pattern in the global scope, the Alibaba and the CGA will work together to put the credit system into a new era of second-hand car market, build a new commercial civilization."

director Guanghui group, CGA executive director and CEO Mr. Li Jianping said in a statement: "this contract is the combination of both and mutual cooperation. I believe that Alibaba will become one of the CGA most intimate, the most powerful business partners. The two sides will also use the car as a starting point for cooperation, and jointly create a new situation in the development of traditional car distribution and modern e-commerce cooperation."

is reported that the two sides jointly build a second-hand car trading platform will cover the pre-sale, sale, sale of all aspects of the standards, norms and services. The pre-sale, CGA will be strict quality inspection, each of the second-hand car checks, and issued a detailed test report, and high-quality second-hand car to meet the certification standards and certification to provide warranty service. Every used car prices will go through a professional appraiser appraisal, each car starting at cost price and the final price by the Taobao auction customers to decide. In the sale, Guanghui auto official said, will be equipped with professional staff to provide online advice, arrange the car, reception, logistics and other service line. Taobao is to create a complete set of O2O solutions for the transaction, to enhance the consumer online selection of cars, the smooth and convenient trading line. In customer service, responsible for the national coverage of CGA outlets, can provide transportation, insurance, extended warranty, finance, transfer the license, such as a full range of customer service service for consumers.

through the survey found that in recent years, with the domestic car ownership and vehicle purchase population increased rapidly, the second-hand car trading, there is often confusion, the problem of vehicle evaluation of vehicle information opaque, car source source separation, the service process without standards, customer service service without security, so the "not buy" become widespread consumers in the purchase of second-hand car concerns, also limits the development of the used car industry to a certain extent. For this problem, the two sides that will work to build a second-hand car trading platform O2O Chinese most mainstream, most transparent and honest, and establish long-term, stable and good business support and cooperation, to play their respective fields director for the world and did not dare to buy second-hand car. It is reported that Ali small and micro financial services group will also be integrated into the car industry in full swing.

industry believes that the second-hand car online trading platform through the Internet can greatly shorten the flow of second-hand vehicles. But it is necessary to avoid the middle merchant

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