January 29th the first successful Asia domain auction

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  in January 29th, the first.Asia (Asia) domain name "sunrise" (specifically for the trademark holders of the priority registration period) successfully completed the auction, the auction is designed for the trademark holders will continue for 3 days. So far, the promotion of.Asia domain name has been exceptionally smooth, many companies are willing to retain the desired domain name. This time to deal with the domain name auction situation, which is the first time in the history of the international top-level domain name. In the past, companies want to register the domain name, the process is very confusing, to auction the domain name to allocate more fair, more rational, more robust.

 .Asia global domain name cybersquatting period "(Landrush) – 2008.03.12 2008.02.20 will be open during the whole world, anyone can compete for the best domain name registration. All domain names during this submission, shall be treated as submitted at the same time, such as domain name for only one person, that belongs to the domain of the applicant; if there is more than one application for the same domain name, the domain name auction by the applicant. The domain name registration service provider in the landing period before have launched many preferential policies to promote the.Asia domain name, called on the majority of the enterprises to protect their brand equity application. The era of the Internet as the first batch of.Asia domain name registration service provider, has launched earlier pre registration service, pre registration service will continue until February 20th during this period, submit the application for registration will enjoy the first year free concessions, preferential registration service 159 yuan for two years, attracted a large number of users sought after competing, triggered a wave of.Asia domain name registration trend. Internet era, the person in charge of the registration period in the pre registration period of more than ten times the amount of priority.

 .Asia domain name is following the.Eu (Europe) after the opening of the second intercontinental top-level domain name, because of its unique distinctive identity, since its launch has been sought after by the majority of enterprises. Asia is an emerging international market, the rapid economic development, market potential, has been an ideal place for international capital. According to statistics, Asia has surpassed the United States and the European Union, becoming the world’s largest Internet users. The.Asia domain name as the Asian network numbers, with Asia in the international economic and political status constantly improve and attract more and more attention and promotion is also expected exceptionally well.

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