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taxes for online stores the topic of electronic commerce as can be heard without end, economic behavior, value-added process, a lot of people initiative to tax personal shop. Recently, the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of Su ningyun Zhang Jindong and the National People’s Congress, Hunan supermarket chain enterprises BBK Group Chairman Wang Tian once again raised taxes for online stores recommend. In this regard, Taobao still holds a temporary negative attitude, but in the face of the increasingly booming e-commerce industry, how far away from the individual shop tax


we all think of e-commerce as a sunrise industry, it is booming, in the 2012 annual Taobao and Tmall’s top two trading volume has exceeded $1 trillion. For such a huge market, according to market economic behavior, the tax is as unalterable principles of things, why not the same view to


this, Taobao gives the point of view is: no objection to the electricity supplier tax, but opposed to the current tax period. They are based on data from the current Taobao, now 94% of Taobao’s sales turnover of less than $240 thousand, most of which are not within the scope of the tax. And those who meet the conditions of the tax business, has begun to pay taxes online. If you are now forced to impose a tax on individual shops, will combat the enthusiasm of the micro economy. The majority of individual owners of the view is that the same support for tax, but the need for a reasonable model.

we know Taobao as a platform for many young entrepreneurs, has been regarded as an important way to success. But the work is very hard to open shop, income and pay is not necessarily proportional. Therefore, the vast majority of the disadvantaged, if the tax will bring greater pressure to them, or to force people to give up, improve the entry threshold, this is the main reason of the voice of the individual shop, is also worried about industry crisis of confidence.

but from another point of view, as major domestic electricity supplier economies, are in need of national legal supervision perfect management behavior and its development of tax is to go with the flow. And because it is large enough to pay taxes on Jingdong, Dangdang, Tmall unfair. Therefore, the problem of personal online shopping has been growing with the increasing popularity of e-commerce in China, more and more people pay attention to it. It has the NPC and CPPCC proposal The day is not too distant when, perhaps this will become a breakthrough.

we say that the market economy is the rule of law economy, there is no regulation of economic behavior is not functioning properly. Of course, after Taobao had responded that, for small and medium-sized sellers tax is actually a tax on young people’s hope". Such a view is also reasonable, once the entity business and e-commerce competition becomes equal, e-commerce lost profitability, the emerging industries or will lose vitality. Therefore, we, like everyone, look forward to such a new model of e-commerce tax, without prejudice to the development of the industry under the premise of a reasonable and effective regulation is the reason for all to see

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