Gorgeous behind the novice must Wangzhuan five questions clear

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The rapid development of Internet industry, now

, derived from money making opportunities are also very much, as in shop brush drill, business writer, pig, website and so on, in all kinds of industries as well as the number of Wangzhuan are constantly increasing. As the leisure time more college students and other groups, and the leisure industry is very convenient Wangzhuan cater to their tastes. So ready but in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan entrepreneurship, the wind prevails but we see the other side: many newcomers to Wangzhuan as fast ways to build up the family fortunes, like Zhao Yingguang and Zuckerberg, they are using the Internet to make a difference at a very young age, in order to start a business venture, but this attitude for college students as Wangzhuan? FN Wangzhuan industry, do not put Wangzhuan industry excessive packaging, in the beginning to understand some problems before their entrepreneurial career.

good idea does not guarantee success, can not afford to lose

vulgar idea cannot bring about success, that everyone can understand, but a seemingly wonderful idea is not to be successful, then you’ll wonder wonder, in fact it seems that this situation is normal in the translation, because the successful practice of a business idea, need is not only creative, and environment and the opportunity, the three indispensable, so a good idea doesn’t mean that you will be able to success, but this time, you will find a lot of people began to complain about their first choice of business, blame ailing, not a good time to catch up, never elegant, waste of time, so friends complaining and also lost further growth opportunities, nine for industry because of the higher profit, our failure does not matter, the key is to sum up the experience once again set sail, such as If you can’t afford to lose more time, so Wangzhuan does absolutely nothing for you.

do not think that there is no economic involvement of friends is the best partner

how many novice blindly think side friend is the best business partner, because each other with more speculation, work must be very comfortable. That’s true, but a close friend is never equal to a suitable partner. Because friendship in the business on this road is the key, ability is fundamental, between the friend will agree with each other, but in each other’s way venture identity is not important, it is important for us to make out their own brand, but this time a good friend and a super salesman in front of you, which one will you choose? Entrepreneurship is not a trifling matter, nor labangjiehuo, what we need is the most suitable partner, rather than the relationship between best friends, comfortable is on the one hand, we also need to consider the issue of ability.

before the start of "shameful" must speak in front of the

I think everyone in the details about business before the start must clear, such as the profit distribution of more sensitive issues, many novice entrepreneurs feel early start to talk about money may have hurt, but a very real problem is that when you >

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