Wanda business determined to join hands with GREE seek Transformation 17 or announced

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according to the "First Financial Daily" reported, GREE electric chairman Dong Mingzhu in January 9th afternoon in an interview with the newspaper confirmed that GREE at the end of 2014 in Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the cornerstone of Wanda Commercial Investment).


Dong Mingzhu said that GREE and Wan Da have reached a strategic cooperation, on the basis of cooperation between the two sides, it is possible that it will be all the electrical products are provided by us."

for the amount of investment and equity accounted for the details, Dong Mingzhu did not respond to reporters.

The latest announcement at the end of December 2014

listed Wanda Commercial display, as of the end of last year, Wanda Commercial and Affiliated Companies total sales revenue achieved contract sales revenue 160 billion 150 million yuan, up 26.8% compared to the year 2013, property holding area of 21 million 570 thousand square meters, up 32% compared to the end of 2013.

IPO data show that as of the end of June last year, Wanda has carried out 175 property projects, which has completed 71 Wanda Plaza, and is developing plans to develop 88 Wanda Plaza, and is the 6 city to carry out the "Wanda city" project, Wanda and other property projects. If the future is progressing smoothly, the combined area of the above projects will reach about 84 million 700 thousand square meters. In addition, Wanda is also actively planning overseas commercial real estate projects.

according to the prospectus disclosure, Wanda Commercial real estate total introduced 12 cornerstone investors, the subscription amount of the offer shares accounted for 60%, to secure the success of commercial real estate Wanda listed. Kuwait Investment Bureau, China life, Ping an asset management, GREE, tomorrow investment fund management company, TCL are listed in the. They invest $100 million -3. For example, TCL’s wholly owned subsidiary hi hi investment is invested $100 million.

when Dong Mingzhu told the media that before GREE and Wanda strategic cooperation three days, January 6th afternoon, TCL group announced that signed strategic cooperation with Wanda Group, comprehensively promote the two sides in the relevant business areas of strategic cooperation. According to relevant reports, from the disclosure of cooperation information observed TCL, TCL group will become Wanda Group strategic suppliers. In commercial real estate, hotel business, cinema business and department store business, TCL’s application in intelligent and Internet products and technology based on the advantages of the system required for the Wanda development, design and customization and terminal equipment, application support platform.

well, this is obviously another appliance supplier in the Wanda system. So Dong Mingzhu said, Wanda in the future all the electrical products are provided by me obviously does not fly.

in any case, the traditional commercial real estate developers with a transformation of high-quality suppliers, bless them. The future is likely to further the formation of "interconnected" situation.

"First Financial Daily" report >

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