The chain is still the best way to do website ranking

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two, the mass of the chain like gutter shit


in the absence of contact with Shanghai Longfeng people’s eyes, a lot of people think that Shanghai dragon is how a magical thing, love is how niubable Shanghai ranking. After a while until contacted Shanghai dragon industry, to know that this is what a miserable job. Take the chain this thing, need to go to the forum and registered account, repeat to post top posts, and wages, but only enough food and clothing. Then, some chain group tools is born, many people will choose the group chain this construction method, you can instantly for website construction outside the chain of our 100 thousand. The author believes that the chain will have the value of existence so we go to release in the simulated users, let search engines know the users in our website to vote. Once the mass of the chain, completely lost the significance, as it is our website buried a time bomb, sooner or later, one day it will explode, the website K we have Not the least trace was found.

, since June 2012, Shanghai love has been updated, a series of algorithms, notice clearly stated: Shanghai love to build hope webmaster quality content, many users with useful things. In this case, many experts have predicted Shanghai dragon Er, the chain for the emperor era will soon be over, the value of the chain will become increasingly low, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster should quickly adjust their optimization method, to adapt to the new adjustment algorithm. In the face of numerous Shanghai dragon Er Paizhuan, Wang Kaixin still think outside the chain is still a way to enhance the website ranking very good.

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in a few years ago, Shanghai dragon has just started, it is very simple, only need to continue the accumulation of keywords and the mass of the chain, can get good rankings. With the continuous intelligent search engine, the site suffered a serious blow. And completely as a search engine, trash content of the natural, this kind of practice abandoned by the user and search engine. Recently, the Shanghai love algorithm updates, seem much finger refers to the chain of garbage. So, Shanghai dragon Er have felt the chain began to become less important, they should strengthen their own chain more quality content. In fact, no matter how the current update algorithm to love Shanghai, it still did not escape the outside chain + content computation way, will still have to go outside the chain to calculate the ranking of a website, but these two aspects of the role of the ranking, change is slow.

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at present, or for the next period of time, the value of the chain is still a way to determine the search engine ranking is very important, is still worthy of attention to many Shanghai dragon er. But need to pay attention to the webmaster, how to go to a website of diversified construction, how to build a search engine users love, love dearly website is worth pondering.

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