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about the Shanghai dragon knowledge forum is mixed and disorderly, so what is the best forum above we refer to the problem, do Shanghai dragon must have a set of methods of their own, if you are in accordance with the above knowledge forum to do, the effect is not good. I hope you can help to.

like Shanghai Longfeng novice often go to some Shanghai dragon forum to learn some knowledge, some people will Shanghai Longfeng answer post your questions and so on, but this forum is really very little, but also will answer is not so correct, misleading a lot of novice, because the main purpose of those not reply your problem, but outside the chain, or really like you just pretend to be a scholar, but also powerful way to mislead you, now generally good platform, such as the CHINAZ article, has A5 articles, the bar is not a forum, said is some more practical.

forum, the forum also has a lot of quality in the post, but very few, most people are to go outside the chain of quality, resulting in a serious decline in the contents of the forum, so that the individual A5 webmaster to cancel the signature, should be related to this.

online is a lot of Relationship Learning Forum Shanghai dragon, every day there are a lot of people in the above post, ask questions, answer questions, exchange of experience. Does learning forum role is very large, but now many Shanghai Longfeng forums have been some Adsense advertising, slowly cover the learning and communication function.

also has a lot of new Shanghai dragon friends will say, can find the information you want in the forum, but when you are familiar with the Shanghai dragon, you will find that the things you want is very fuzzy, even there is no answer, yesterday to search for a thing, I love Shanghai in the first place, is a well-known forum. But the contents of lead in this article Baba Shanghai dragon Lin Jianhui written today, really is all for the chain to reply, do people respond, not a reply with answers.

In 3,

, 4 years ago, at that time if you want to have something to the forum has been issued, many answers, there are various answers you want, and you want to achieve the search engine to search your problem in you, there will be very many forums have asked, and have to solve. Look at now, all is for the chain to the forum today, Lin Jianhui about today’s Shanghai dragon forum.


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unless otherwise noted, the article is Baba Shanghai Longfeng original reproduced please specify the link with the Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝baba贵族宝贝/bbnews/20130519/183.html

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