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pictured above is the four main words the main sites do, index are also quite high. The snapshot complaints after several keyword rankings are still. We can foresee the right site >

1: This is a kind of self deception


is the so-called forced love does not last, I think this is every webmaster all know the truth. But in real life, regardless of you and me, we often make the mistake of "strong twisted melon". For example, love Shanghai snapshots, many owners often entangled in their own site snapshot update not diligent, or stuck in a certain time. Although the authorities in Shanghai have made it clear that love does not exist and the site snapshot weight, but the snapshot of the reaction site health of this idea has been ingrained in the minds of the us. This will depend on many webmaster complaints to update the so-called snapshot. In this paper, the author want to express is: to the snapshot. The complaint is not true.


as the Shanghai dragon Er we complaint snapshot of the original intention is good, the development is undoubtedly want to make the site better, hope to be able to get a stable ranking site. But from the snapshot complaints experiments, the author’s views and love Shanghai’s official view, the snapshot will bring much impact to the weight, ranking will not. We also see a case. As shown below.

2: No, not conducive to ranking

above a test before I use the site to do, the picture is the snapshot of the author was heard about the latest snapshot complaints, a snapshot of the time point 22. After that I love Shanghai in the webmaster tools search engine crawling pressure diagram analysis it is a stage that. In the complaint snapshot of the No. 22 day search engine is not to our site, but the next day after the. Only the arrival of search engine can really generate snapshot information, that is to say the so-called snapshot No. 22 is purely fake a snapshot of self deception.

ER as Shanghai Longfeng we operate in any optimization means before will certainly consider the real significance. To assess whether to operate. So there is no substantive snapshot complaints? I think not, is a manifestation of self deception. Why? Because the snapshot complaints come just a representation, is not true. I have also tried to use snapshot complaints of this function, it can snapshot in a few hours to update. But the subsequent snapshot will continue to stagnation and even retrogression. We know that there is a relationship between the snapshot and search engine crawling. We can also say a snapshot update rule search engine crawling intensity is relatively high. So if the complaint can also let the snapshot search engine crawling more high? Let’s take a look at this case.

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