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3. highlights the title and keywords, reasonable use of

5. links to related articles

automatic abstract keyword density adjustment

1. modified keywords and description of

for website optimization project, we should first consider the site is a new site or the old site, if it is a new web site, we can start from the more leisurely start step planning website optimization and key points. As an old site has nearly 10 years of history, I give advice to optimize the sequence from bottom to top. Firstly, analyzing the existing problems of the underlying website page, and put forward some suggestions for improvement, to allow customers to adjust, and soon be able to see the change, at the same time does not affect the existing site operation, in order to enhance the confidence of customers.

Background: the website for the


, a website standardization need

page, mainly in the following aspects:


recently in optimization of a local real estate website, the following summary of some recent work.

From the site and the old site of the new

three, a web page

website hosted by capital city telecommunications bureau website, nearly 10 years of history, has a rich background and local resources, but for a long time, the number of users to maintain the basic stability of fast growth, in the search engine’s poor performance. At the recent website, I hope a few chances to enhance the site in the search engine rankings. The main site and communication, here are some solutions to some website main concerns as well as I proposed.

two, website optimization order, different

complete the content page adjustment, customers see the change, with the initial confidence after optimization can start a web page. For local portal sites, the corresponding PR are relatively high, there are more resources outside the chain of high quality, but the chain layout is not reasonable. The text and web page lack of consideration and overall optimization, so the main measures are:


website standardization trend is not only more and more strong, and has become a symbol and conversation, including website customer, but also more heard of web standards. So the original website asked whether it is necessary to carry out standardized site reconstruction through the analysis of the whole station, I found that the website has been coming to an end, but as a real estate website, the huge amount of data, the original page writing is not standardized, hope through one-time net station standardization, from the perspective of project management is not realistic, and it is not the highest level of an emergency. Therefore, to develop a framework of standardized procedures for each other, based on the gradual small changes to optimize website.

1. home chain > friendship

6. related informationOptimization of

?In recent years,

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