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user experience for the site of the importance of nature is self-evident, there may be many novice webmaster to user experience do not understand, but do not know how to do, in fact, to make the user experience is to consider the issue from the user’s point of view, the best way is in the web browsing, to see where the bad change look, of course, it is not so easy, because each user’s behavior and habits are not the same, so the website demand is not the same, so webmaster need to take care of the main user, because the user experience to do is to let the majority of customer satisfaction, so you need more investigation the user needs and habits, so that we can know what users need, what you want to achieve the purpose of user experience, then Chengdu to Shanghai Dragon Blog as an example to talk about the user experience to do

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: the first site access speed of

second: the theme of the page

page is full of advertisements

saw some articles in this blog is short just a hundred words, probably because the blogger is busy, no time to write a blog, but this article users will love? Do some bloggers updated daily several lengthy blog, you can update only a hundred words about how users will love the blog? Do blog need is attitude, attitude is not good blog

fifth: blog without contact

for the blog, the theme can’t do very fancy. Concise, beautiful and generous, can, and put up some blog pages out of order, here where pop, loaded, looked very unhappy, but the theme of users will click repeatedly? The home page is not to display content, display interface

site access speed is critical, because the site can not be a long time user access to your open, nature will stop to visit, see some blog, click on the page for a long time, haven’t loaded this blog, even if the content is good, no one will access it, because the speed is too slow, no this patient, so the first to make the blog access speed, if the blog access speed is very slow, so please replace the

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third: the quality of


saw many blogs everywhere advertising, advertising content is very few, but a lot of, ask your blog a lot? Hang so many ads, believe that views is very small, since the traffic is very small, hanging so many ads can earn money? If you even in order to make money, so please put the user experience well, don’t do too much advertising, because users dislike advertising

may have some bloggers do not want to disclose contact, because a lot of questions that trouble, but, if you think there are users to advertise or cooperate with you do? So the left contact is very necessary, if you want to avoid the ordinary users can contact us in the next.

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