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from this topic, the author give users as four habits: dependence, knowledge, convenient and entrepreneurship.

its interface is ugly, it UI it is rough, the server is not stable, the user experience is rotten to the pole. But it is the history.

Internet network, in the aspects of affecting people’s life. Recently, a survey showed that 89.8% of respondents admitted to "search dependent disorder", 20% of them feel "very serious", 48.6% of people worried about dependency search will create opportunities for the spread of rumors, and another 44.8% of the people think that "PPC" and "search marketing".

in the local dialect that is actually dependent? Lazy! Most of the Chinese really lazy, naturally hope that life came to eat a ready-cooked meal.

two, the tip of the iceberg miracle

, a Chinese habit contributed to Shanghai dragon

With the rapid development of


What is the

is now online shopping has become fashionable, as long as the country related policies to improve the system of online shopping, so this industry will be more and more let the public to accept, because each person as long as at home with the click of a mouse, to the article basically will be delivered to your door, as long as the reduction to a lot of trouble, such as the basic home the products of TV, computer, bed, office supplies, snacks and so on are all on the network to buy, it is convenient and affordable, is mainly on the Internet bubble for a long time, where can buy high-quality and affordable things has entered into the daily record.

last night at micro-blog, found that there are two topics good, go back, and also look at users with interactive comments. The author combines the micro-blog talk about network marketing, you can extract two and the Shanghai dragon together to talk about the topic, because our research on Shanghai Longfeng development have a certain relationship, write a personal point of view.

speaking of business, network is the most simple of our grassroots entrepreneurial base generation! Said culture, none of us; we also said the asset, not two rich generation; said power, some words do not rely on this business. We can only rely on learning the information industry, such as the use of search engines to make money, Shanghai dragon is a good industry. The Shanghai dragon, good grasp of user habits, so that the relevant keywords appear in the needs of users in the line of sight, then it could be transformed into consumer customers, so business is so simple.

for knowledge, I believe that basically "love Shanghai You’ll see.", has gone beyond the dictionary, network culture has been in rapid development, all conducive to the development of national knowledge, have entered into the network. Each person will go to the social network search want, and school students can also be used to search the related knowledge, for different industries who want to understand another industry, but also from the network to find the relevant knowledge, so the network can not desire.

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