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webmaster friends will have a common problem, used to be the Shanghai dragon, often very dependent on search engine. We were just born when the love of Shanghai, is not hype, media dissemination. We do the site should also pay attention to this point, brand publicity. Use >

Connectivity of

in Wikipedia input webmaster, to see entry page label, screenshots as below. We saw the titlle form for entry _ love Shanghai encyclopedia, but did not see the keyword and description we are familiar with the two labels. Obviously love Shanghai told us a message, tittle express form core keywords "_ + + site name, instead of the previous title keyword piles. There is a love of Shanghai has cut another two tag weight, and no less important the original algorithm to these two labels.

two, the link stationI personally love to

have to say, I’d prefer to go to Shanghai to click love to know what is the Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon. Most people are not convinced Shanghai dragon love Shanghai encyclopedia ranking in front of Shanghai Longfeng forum, but did not consider the word search Shanghai Longfeng people want to learn more about Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of this entry is clearly more in line with the user experience. Love the Shanghai encyclopedia ranking effect not only in the sea fell in love with outstanding performance, but also in the noble baby is very good, this also reflects the love of Shanghai in the Shanghai dragon encyclopedia does optimization done very well. Then we have to learn from the Shanghai dragon masters:



Shanghai station link approach is very popular, at least I love Shanghai in view of Wikipedia feel very convenient. Love Shanghai Baike station link is like a bridge connected with a relevant page, look to a scattered fusion entry into a whole. Take this as an example, the author when browsing the webmaster of this entry, if not very understanding of the civil service, civil servants can click this link to jump to the civil service entry, this reduced the browsing time to a great extent. So I personally think that a good site should have a stand inside the anchor text link that makes stronger site connectivity.


three, not just for the search engine

used to love someone that Shanghai is to add their own products favor, granting special preferential treatment, but this is in fact with a deep sense of jealousy. Shanghai love and take care of their own products, rather than love, Shanghai know better their algorithm. If I as a novice, fell in love with the sea search Shanghai dragon as below:

, a label describing

Here we have

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