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broad sense is through the search engine to search information on the user, and can find your website through these information is the key words. At the same time, key words can be a word, also can be a word, can also be a simple sentence. If the explanation from the code, a string of characters head file key is the web page code in general, we will use keywords to represent keywords.

For example: A lot of

since we want to choose effective keywords, so we need to know what is the keyword.

website, this is one of our core keywords industry. We can often see the construction sites in Dalian or Dalian website construction which is good what is this word or phrase? We often have a needle can be used for the core keywords, long tail keywords.

is not the more the better? Keywords

what is the long tail keywords? Long tail keywords is relative to the core keywords, character relative to the core keywords it may be a long, long phrases may also be a short sentence. As I mentioned above: Dalian website, Dalian website construction which is good.

made the website of the enterprise or for individual webmaster, choose effective keywords for the importance of a website is self-evident, but how to choose effective keywords is not an easy thing, we should not only understand the characteristics of their industry also need to know the keyword search engine algorithm love Shanghai, we also need to know the user in the input keyword search process.

long tail keywords for a web site and core keywords can play a role for drainage, and can enhance the core keyword ranking and web site overall weight function. Set the long tail keywords good than many competitive core keywords. Since the key words is very important, whether it is the core keywords or long tail keywords,

core keywords are generally written in the web page code, and the long tail keywords can be written in the web page from other pages, by sub page accumulated weight lifting weights of the home page, and thus enhance the core site keywords ranking. But for search engines, assessment keyword ranking is not because of your site added a lot of words will be your site keywords ranking top. Generally speaking, keywords web page set not more than 5 core keywords. Keywords set more overall weight of the site will disperse the corresponding, which could have ranked keywords because the weight of dispersion and reach the optimal effect. So, here, we suggest that when selecting the core keywords, try not to exceed 5, but can make the website weight very high increase of keywords.

relevant information we have learned, so the most important thing is how to choose effective keywords.


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