Shanghai dragon race The road of innovation

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love Shanghai in innovation, introduced for the love of Shanghai webmaster optimization guide, the content mainly tells us to enhance the user experience, starting from the soft and the chain of the site itself, written in great detail. This to our Shanghai dragon optimization, pointed out the direction, but also limits our innovative thinking. If you look at your love Shanghai optimization guide content on the surface, it is difficult to make their optimization do good, so only start from the details of direction, the depth of analysis from the guidelines, such as enhancing the details of the user experience, so as to maximize the benefit to their Shanghai Longfeng optimization, obtain new blue ocean

: love Shanghai Shanghai dragon law, grasp the details


two: the discovery of new details, dare to practice


needs innovation in the process of optimization, but also must follow the principle of search engine, according to the user experience, or you have love in Shanghai always on tenterhooks. Love Shanghai has its own user, he needs to help the site to the user, you let the user objectionable, the user does not love love Shanghai, so even if you have love in Shanghai and even ranked no benefits. Take a simple example, we are most concerned about the love of Shanghai, and Google is much less, because users are mostly fell in love with the sea to see, only to let users satisfied, can make your site has long ranked. So when we try to innovate, follow the principle of search engine, with the user experience, can be regarded as the optimization idea right

original content update, the weight of the high platform outside the chain, as long as we persist in long-term, can be successful, can get good rankings, but in the construction of website operation, we really need so long? The answer is negative, Shanghai dragon Er will dare to innovation, the use of some of their own the optimization method, not the black hat, I do not recommend using this optimization method, it can make our website to achieve rapid ranking, but it does not belong to innovation, because many people are using it, it is a coward. Only love from Shanghai optimization guide found not the same details, the courage to open up, it is really brave!

three: innovation should follow the principle of search engine

Shanghai dragon

website optimization, by what? A lot of people the answer is content updates, the chain construction. But we found that now seems to come to an end, because we have to update the contents of the construction of the chain also do extreme, but found that the effect is limited. That is what causes our traditional optimization methods fail? Because the same thing, the same way, are doing, are in use, the effect is dispersed, finally only to very little, only innovation can succeed! Here is my recent feelings — new ideas for optimization of Shanghai dragon

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