Shanghai Longfeng webmaster summary ten coping love Shanghai not included experience below

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QQ group and old promble, if you can use the QQ software, then you can use some, but this should be used with caution, it will cause others to your website. You can join a group, and then inside mix later you can publish your website information, to attract people to click on your website. See how you hold


forum is a very common method, here I want to say is no time no matter what the forum can add links to try, even braved the risk of being blocked, also want to add a hyperlink or anchor text links, not every forum are not allowed to add links, and also not every forum plus links will give you the key to delete, to see you add the link is not reasonable! If this link after the moderator does not give you deleted, and love Shanghai to take your post included, then you can earn the love of Shanghai spider crawling brought IP hits.

Author: Zhang Shouzhi from the Beijing Shanghai dragon Zhang Shouzhi Shanghai dragon blog www.zsz贵族宝贝 please indicate the author reproduced. A5 Adsense nets start me is not easy, when you reprint appreciate me as a novice webmaster. Thank you!

10. the last big love Shanghai Post Bar

!The This is a website!

7. video


love Shanghai Post Bar now foreign chain management is very strict, and the chain is a skill, one is the content of more than 600 words, the content and Post Bar is consistent with that of the novel, that is you can add links to the rest of the security situation is difficult to guarantee


above is my own website with some of the experience summed up the above ten is skills, hoping to help those who like me in spirit by suffering friend

9. !

6.A5 contributor

you can download the video screen and housekeeper, recording video on your computer, you record some website experience tutorials, but to ensure the quality of video, to allow people to learn something, and then to the video sent to each video website, website publicity.


A5 is the site of the submission is the main content of the A5, you can contribute to the site to bring high traffic, and will let the love of spiders in Shanghai that A5 has done a single site for you, for your site weight increase. Add love to trust you Shanghai website

this is Shanghai dragon webmaster summary ten coping experience love Shanghai not included (on) next

you can contribute an article in a A5 vote cast in the head of the home, after the success you need to reprint the major forum Post Bar, blog, with links to your site, so in others links, the chain will be your site by

8.QQ class

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