From the website by K analysis of some factors affecting the search engine

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contact for a long time, will naturally understand a word, keyword and not the more the better, no matter what the key.


here to add, is to check your site have their own issues, such as a horse, this is the most troublesome. Now a lot of horse are quite advanced technique, for example, you only write a JS website, and then make your site from a search engine landing, will jump directly to the illegal websites, this is secret. The best solution is to set up the website core directory permissions, don’t let hackers easily implanted trojan. Very hateful, some small host, itself is the dry son has no * * things, beware of


on this server stability, I put it in the first row. It is easy to understand, if your server is itself a lot of questions, will have a direct impact on your website, or even a fatal impact! There is a phenomenon that many webmaster friends love to use free space or choose some very cheap host, not greedy urination if appropriate, often at the expense of the myself. In fact, this kind of host itself has many problems, may put hundreds of sites under a IP, these sites do not rule out a lot of body similar to even the website is K, a word can explain the seriousness of the problem: a mouse droppings, so bad a pot of porridge! This part of the webmaster friends to think twice if you want to run your own website! So, when buying a host, must choose well-known and reputable service providers, like foreign host GoDaddy can also be considered; if you have the server, it will maintain the good standing of the relationship, or increase the number of IP can also be. In short, we must ensure the stability of all servers in your website, this is a must! Sites are often not open, talk about how to optimize the

1) web server instability


Shanghai dragon involves something very wide, the head of the comprehensive ability requirements are relatively high. Many just contact Shanghai dragon friends, and no systematic to study Shanghai Longfeng, may be here today to see some optimization techniques, there tomorrow to see some, though some concepts are not quite understand, blindly try, although the spirit is very good, but it is prone to Mo wonderful operation errors, finally lead to site K, can only go to each big BBS or inquiry platform to go for help. How to effectively avoid risks, reduce our website is the possibility of K, we should from the following points to analysis.

) keyword changesShanghai dragon

webmaster friends to come to the site, K is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue, this is not an exaggeration. Look at your station step by step up, as their own children. Can one not careful, is search engine in limbo. In grief, we need more analysis by K, to find out the reasons, relative to the adjustment, the search engine will be re approved. So how to do the K site? Site is K for many reasons, is probably caused by our own problems.

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