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said on summing up the above arguments! So we can summarize some results:

can you have considered, when the search search for a keyword, the search results will he point keyword advertising, why not point keyword advertising? Or some more general, what specific people will select the keyword advertising, which does not have such ideas? Write this article is mainly due to have the customer asked to inform us, they think that if there will be some keyword advertising business needs, the reason is due to know those vendors, but to find the report, looking for material, will choose the natural search results.

users would click the keyword advertising, which will select the natural search results; will select the keyword advertising is not necessarily people have decided to purchase the product people will purchase goods; people may also select the keyword advertising and natural search results. However, the natural search results read than keyword advertising high several times, then you choose

but we want to turn a good material to find people won’t click keyword advertising? Now that is to find the materials or report, carpet search must ultimately, certainly deny the answer. This application will certainly choose keyword advertising. The other is the needs of the business people will not choose the natural search results

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customers by this argument to question Shanghai Longfeng effect? Okay, this argument seems to have its rationality, but ignore an important factor, that is a lot of "select the keyword advertising people did not realize that advertising is fierce". Do not choose love by advertising, which is a common phenomenon, which is why even read at first very high keyword advertising now also dropped to only about 5% of the number.


we say, in a business or demand before purchase behavior constitutes the practice process of this product must be SURVEY, process the purchase decision is not find the goods, and then purchase, so simple, and also must understand this product, furthermore, if the natural search results is presented about the business needs the site, do you think he will point? The answer is yes. For example, people who want to travel to Guam, when he was in search of "Guam" is the keyword search results, showing the "Guam tourism network -XX travel agency", you said he will choose whether high? The customer concerns, in addition to our arguments, they are also a phenomenon of coercion the. Because of their own purchase "Sabah" of the word "Sabah" is the keyword advertising, this keyword suddenly appear in the YAHOO page "demand", which formed the number of selected suddenly soared, but there is no corresponding increase call volume. This represents what kind of phenomenon? "Will select the keyword advertising person is not necessarily the purchase of goods directly to the people".

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