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new haven’t established a domain name, attention may not on the number of webmaster, in other words, do not care about the choice of the domain name, on the contrary, the choice of the domain name is very learned, a lot of the time domain can tell the search engines your website is doing what. Don’t understand the words, here I will give an example to explain: take the movie industry website, the top-ranking website you can search for love in Shanghai, they often contain movie domain name in the English word, in the course of time, the search engine will certainly build such a shallow consciousness contains movie this English word is likely to be a movie station station. Said so much, do not know the webmaster understand not.


1, the domain name

site map

4, the stationSeveral parts of the front of the

search engines hold a curious feeling to your website to "play", if you make a sign to tell it to your website "how to go", which is the way to where? So the site map this time played a role of tour guide. The search engine happily, happily go, you are afraid of it not to fall in love with your website? Here it is worth noting that, when choosing the best website program can choose to support the program generated map. I will not say which program, so I said advertising ah.

may have a lot of people pay more attention to, but do the station anchor text is always a difficult job, and not everyone can do the job. Some people say that his website program can automatically generate station anchor text, tell you, this may largely caused by Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization, in the station anchor text is not a pure keyword to a page fixed, or conversely better, here is emphasized in the station anchor text should not advocating diversification. Key words must be very accurate to a page fixed, so here that it is best to manually add anchor text >

The correlation between 2,

3, the


users are watching your website article, they did not find the information available to them a lot of time, it is likely that they will disappointed, this time you should guide them, you can call this purpose some other articles recommended to them, maybe they really can find something of interest. There are two benefits of doing so: not only to increase the display frequency of other articles to the search engine, to a certain extent, but also improve the user experience, and you are not


this article is second in the A5 hair article, pay attention to the webmaster attention, I have been interested in, and we share the same joy is a very good thing. The website ranking especially love Shanghai has been ranked the webmaster attention to the highest rate of things, so today I from my personal point of view, perhaps it can bring you find everything fresh and new feeling.

?The anchor text

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