Yellow tail two principle and Application

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more people search, it should try to allow users to click on the long tail of you. Because when you see the long tail of the user, are basically in the search engine. But users do not click in, you actually there are a number of rich content is meaningless. The traditional "sell themselves" in the present situation has not. So when the user search research must be focused attention, and some special symbols and will improve the user’s click rate etc.. And here, there are also small skills a long tail ranking Shanghai dragon. The search engine how to determine which information to help users, here is the judgment, which is the title of more people click on the title, which is more attractive, the search engine is every way to judge, can only determine which title clicked on more. However, your title design will be more people to click on, slowly, you will also be the long tail to the front rank. So, not only for the needs of users of information, you also reach the purpose of optimization.

We understand what the long tail will The long tail is


of course there are many methods, here I only give two more examples of usage. In fact, the use of the method, not necessarily can achieve the best.

life is beyond count, you do not know whether there is some long tail theory on life. For example, Internet cafes good machine accounted for 20%, 80% half machine. Many people came to the Internet in 20% machines, were found, do not want to go to other places and run in the other 80% machines. While the other 80% saves the fixed cost of investment. The fixed cost is early and important for an enterprise. There are a number of products sold. Why do I need to pay big bucks to buy some few people buy products. Because of those few people buy the products so products accounted for 80% of sales, while the mainstream products accounted for only 20%. You should know the truth. When do the long tail, what do we need

2. title is to enter the user fayan

?Research on user behavior

study of user behavior almost everybody said, the real research people not much, have to study, some experts are basically. The professional is often said let others know, he did not go to the application. When users search for a product, will search "GREE air-conditioning OK" or "GREE" or "GREE air conditioning air conditioning how quality"? The three long tail of the meaning is the same, three long tail is not conducive to the search engine, because the content is repeated. When will these problems, we will study the behavior of users. We need to think of yourself as the user, as the grass roots to analyze this problem, ask yourself what will search. Often the three long tail if used when can improve the search volume 50%, which is very impressive. So when you decide to need to do the long tail, we need to investigate a lot of people, when you have this problem, you can search what.

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