The website jump out rate is too high and how to deal with

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user experience a word, looks very difficult, in fact it is in accordance with customer requirements and design of the website. But we are now a lot of enterprise network mall, are to "display" products and services, enterprise information and website design, many are not users want to see so many elements, hinder the user’s access level.

Please look at the example of

1. home. Banner images and advertising page should decide to holiday season, this time, what the customer needs, we will put what. Such a customer in website, you can see the current time to the product or service, then he is likely to click into the check. We have to do what is in place to highlight the most prominent web users want, or we can help users solve what.

this is the first issue to consider, you can imagine, if you go to visit a website, point into the loading for a long time did not fully open, you will also close the direct estimation of web page. So to improve the website access speed need in the first place.


, for example, if your website to sell products, so in the summer, you should put sunscreen, on the front page of the banner map of the oil skin care products; if the winter season, you need to place moisturizing skin care products.

business website and not as long as the keywords optimization up, bringing traffic so simple, with the flow, we need to pay attention to the website jump out rate. What is the website jump out rate? Online explanation: just visit the percentage of single page user accounts for all user access, is simply the only visited a number of page users accounted for all users. Many of the newly optimization of the website, the bounce rate is very high, so how to deal with this problem?

The The design of


two, user experience.

, a website access speed.

this is a website to sell gifts, we can look at the idea, to buy the gift of the people to enter the website, navigation will guide how he choose the gift (send what? For what?). This can guide the intangible customer consumption, we have to do is to navigate into a shopping guide.

related information to do. In the product page and the article page information be placed.

site speed: 1. server access speed, try to choose a stable and secure multi line server; 2. reduce page display of flash, there are pictures of the JS and the size of the external script; 3. site optimization code, delete the useless code.

2. navigation is especially important. Should be designed according to the needs of users, minimize the about us and brand to the customer information and so on useless.

improve the user experience:

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