The specific steps of the small and medium sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

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this is the most important step you plan to do better, then right, not to execute according to the plan, all in vain. Do well in the station optimization, keywords layout, title and meta writing, links and the structure of the website, and then make the content of the website and the.

fourth, set the site optimization

sixth, the execution of

do anything to set a performance goal, website optimization is the same, is mainly set goals, to carry out strict. Target the short-term goal of long-term goals, how to quantify how to do is to refine the segmentation, every day, it will be more easy to see the effect.

When the website optimization

every enterprise has its own target customer groups, of course website different target customer groups but different, because the enterprise stand not in order to make the flow, not to sell advertising, but mainly to promote their products, so targeted customers to make in-depth and accurate analysis.

Analysis of analysis

want to do network marketing business website will be troubled by the website optimization scheme, it should start from where, should do what will be missing a lot of content, is your company to arrange for specialized personnel to do or find a professional Shanghai dragon company to do, for these, it is a difficult problem for most small and medium-sized enterprises, under the Weifang website [/url] to introduce Shanghai Longfeng ideas, according to the plan to do, the efficiency will be greatly improved, it twice. The following main points for reference:

first, choose the keyword of the website

The status of

analysis of the web site, 1 basic data, including age, PR, web site collected snapshot, time. 2, website optimization, keyword writing, Title Description, paragraph (H1H2 tag), the optimization of processing and directory page and inside pages url. 3, external links, the chain quantity and quality, Links, station links. According to the analysis of these aspects, do their own website solution.

second, combined with the competitor’s website

fifth, mainly to promote customer

keyword to distinguish target keywords or long tail keywords, this selection is mainly based on the user’s search intention based, to think of what the customer search in Shanghai. Keywords analysis of enterprise website optimization is the most important step, be sure to make analysis.

third, enterprise websiteThe status quo of the website

only know, before have done optimization, or maintenance of the case, of course, recorded better, can also through some Shanghai Longfeng detection software, on the site down analysis, this website in their business more objective understanding.

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