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search engine, search for any information on the Internet is very convenient, many users will click on the website, but the amount found the content can not meet the needs of the search time, will leave immediately, continue to find what he needs, so as to provide more suitable content to accurate positioning site the user, the only way to get the favor of users. That is what we say that sentence: content is king. If you want to rely on the ordinary content of success, you need to pay more efforts in other areas. The success of the website will certainly need first-class content.

4. as far as possible the use of short sentences. If your article is not novel, do not think that your readers have the patience to read the contents of the long and complicated sentences.

The amount of information in today’s

5. short paragraphs, and use the blank line between paragraphs. The blank is a waste for printing, but for "not worth a hair, blank is a necessary element of organization. Read the articles on the screen is not a comfortable thing, reading your content so appropriate add blank can help users better.

8. where appropriate use of keywords, but not excessive.

1. ensure the relevance of website content.


6. as far as possible the use of bulleted and numbered lists.

2. as far as possible the use of original content. Everyone has apparently content can attract more visitors to return to visit other sites, if you can see, there is need to access your site

"content is king", this sentence should be invaluable advice Shanghai Longfeng Er will know, but many people still not to regard it as right, obviously this is absolutely wrong, whether it is from the website design or Shanghai dragon’s perspective, the content of the website is always the first element of the site.

The use of

so how do we create high quality content? To create high quality content to abide by the principle of what

only high quality content to attract users to visit the website, when the user has become the site back when the site’s ranking will naturally rise.

9. appeal. If it is not an invitation to the user, what they might do, but if so, they may give you unexpected results.

3. carefully check the website content word fluency and readability.

7. in the content of a website into the title and subtitle.


we should understand that the first motivation of user access to the site is to search for information. The user through the conversion process is very difficult to complete in an interview, usually only the user can make decision after visiting a number of websites. But, really attracts people to visit the site again only content. Only high quality content can bring loyal users.

not only that, it should be noted, in different type >

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