The website of Shanghai Longfeng lay the foundation needs to be strictly structured

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B, learning from competitors, learning from the industry leader. The competitors do well, must have his forte, we should through the data analysis to find competitors operating means, first after imitation innovation, finally achieve transcendence. Any one industry leader, as long as the Shanghai dragon, is absolutely do good, we find his winning secret can use to other industries, copy is sometimes very easy to succeed.

Shanghai, the knowledge structure is actually very good, one is to stand inside knowledge of Shanghai dragon, one is to stand outside the knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the station optimization optimization, including code and label content optimization, URL optimization, keywords layout optimization, chain layout optimization, standing outside the chain optimization including construction, domain name host factors. These things can form a powerful knowledge network structure, each point is held very simple, use more simple. Here is a full map of Shanghai Longfeng solution we can refer to, is not comprehensive, you can add your own

Shanghai Dragon Figure

2, Shanghai dragon thinking structure

structure, node is a combination of meaning, structure is the structure of justice, we will all dynamic knowledge and events in the Shanghai dragon and search engine, web site together, this is the previous article I repeatedly mentioned. In Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention to the structure of the construction, including the Shanghai Longfeng knowledge structure, Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng thinking structure and data analysis structure, we have to do is to let these structure solid integrity, do not let these basic things go wrong.

any Shanghai dragon needs to be thought control knowledge, make knowledge into effect, because only do a little to get rid of migrant workers in the state of Shanghai dragon, so Shanghai dragon thinking structure is very important. Here to introduce several classical methods of thinking:


Hello, I am virtual son rain. The article is written in front of seeing "McKinsey method" mentioned in the "based on the facts, strictly structured, with hypothesis oriented", people think this method is very suitable for our Shanghai dragon worker, in front of the "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon more needs to be done on the basis of facts" is derived from this method today, we need to do next to introduce about the Shanghai dragon second: strictly structured.

1, Shanghai dragon knowledge structure

C, right Shanghai Longfeng planning work. Shanghai dragon is a long process, for each stage of the.

A, Shanghai dragon first to grasp, the more easily ignored the foundation, we recommend the "love in front of Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", I believe that if we carefully study certainly can do Shanghai dragon.

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