The user has entered a new era of the Three Kingdoms search market to the world

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love Shanghai in recent years has been due to phishing advertising, false advertising, black enterprise website, writer and singer copyright infringement repeatedly on newspapers. A lot of enterprises by the monopoly of the bitter and the site could not be fair to users to search, but because of its large size and products are also OK, after the company generally get them really no way. After all, love Shanghai occupies most of the search China search market, in terms of user experience and not too much innovation.

love Shanghai search


advantage: love Shanghai is currently a total of 61 products, a great success to meet the needs of users, at the same time, according to Ai Ruiwang analysis, from the market structure point of view, the first quarter of 2012 Chinese search engine market concentration to further enhance. Love Shanghai’s market share increased to 77.6%, Sogou increased to 2.7%, while Google Chinese market share dropped to 17.8%, soso keep the market share of 1.5%, while other enterprises market share has been further reduced to 0.3%. Search the market concentration further, Sogou search, etc. the development situation is good, but the impact on the overall market.

360 search

advantage: 360 there are currently 22 products, in August 31st 360 officially launched a comprehensive search independent domain name 360sou贵族宝贝 and 360so贵族宝贝, the brand of "search + 360". Through the query domain information, these 2 domains are composed of 360 registered in April 13, 2005, 360 is already visible into the search field for many years. At the same time 360 resorted to "building a safe,"


love Shanghai search with its powerful user groups has been the market leader in search, and 360 search turned out, the Chinese search pattern change suddenly, fall in love with the sea most affected. At this time Sogou but also want the opportunity to expand their market share, Sohu chairman of the board and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang in August 31st the Sohu personal micro-blog said: Sogou to war. The search market "new three era" has arrived, and the last who can dominate the search market? The answer is: users can have the world.

as everyone knows love Shanghai has occupied the search market, other search engines can only be in love Shanghai power it spit sound, however, with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users, the search requirements are increasingly high, who can meet the needs of users, allowing users to buy his account who can sustainable development. So the construction of a safe, clean and effective competition in the Internet search market is very necessary, the search battle will choke the inevitable, which fully reflects the importance of user experience, so they love Shanghai, 360 and Sogou in the user experience more advantages compared to what we do?.

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