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search engine!

3. sites have suspected: excessive optimization optimization over the site to be search engine punishment is an open secret, although the search engine.


as everyone knows a website if you get a search engine especially love Shanghai’s favor and Chuiai, would introduce visitor traffic Everfount, however only the search engine recognition site, ranking weights will get higher, at the same time, we think that the site is completely in line with the search engine user recommended value basis, which will receive visitors the retrieval needs. Only to fully meet the intrinsic value of both basic search engine and user, will become a search engine ranking good site. According to the idea, we can control the factors that affected the evaluation and about our website quality and user recommendation value of

website optimization, web site keywords ranking compared with those rankings rise above the common herd general site, just a few, in the search engine optimization ranking in the search engine can get Chuiai high weight ranking is lucky, but each website is eager to get the Shanghai dragon staff. Then a lot of time in fact, keyword optimization mediocre results. Most of the site, the site keywords always hovering between the 3-8 search results page to drive back and forth, it is difficult to break through to the 1-2 page location. Although many of our Shanghai dragon Er is intended to work hard, but always break the bottleneck in the rising spell, and Shanghai dragon’s colleagues discuss about some reason not before the keyword ranking.

1. the primary reason is that the quality of the website; the website is called quality, website content quality. Along with the network optimization of knowledge dissemination, more and more people through professional training institutions in Shanghai dragon or the network to understand and learn the website of Shanghai dragon, but the network marketing is a dynamic subject, many marketing strategies and practices are changing with the development of the Internet, because the evolution speed optimization idea of this lot of enterprise website staff with Shanghai dragon not on the search engine ranking algorithm. We can pay attention to the same phenomenon, a lot of quality is not high site there is a serious problem of similar content, update the website content most copied, there are a lot of pseudo original. In fact, the search engine is to fight against the pseudo original web page, one of its aims is to guide the Shanghai dragon staff, respect the original value of the content, respect the Internet, do not easily extortion. With the method of application of intelligent search engines, these low quality sites are easy to be identified, and eventually it will be difficult to get the search engine in high quality, the website keywords ranking can not also behoove.

2. the lack of user value basis: some friends will say my site maintenance is basically the original, can be the final keyword ranking is not prominent. Indeed, website optimization not only pay attention to the original, but also pay attention to the value of innovation, meet the demands of consumption of the user, as we update the content completely failed to attract the attention of consumers, it can cause the attention of the

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