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my site is actually a blog, when considering a person himself, technically not, not doing too full, a blog that heart space can also meet their own webmaster addiction. Blog on-line to now there are more than three months, today looked at the statistics of the site, yesterday’s traffic is more than 300 IP, PV is more than 700, this is the normal traffic recently. This is the effort to do stand so long, which directly into the input and bookmark traffic is 100, there are more than 30 search traffic, several station traffic to the more than 50, Baidu Post Bar traffic to dozens, and is rather baffling to flow, some flying beans may be what website. I turn my article links to the station.


brought in several of his entertainment articles Baidu hair Post Bar flow, a few posted a day can bring tens of hundreds of IP, then think again, do not go out in such a way that the risk is too big, the consequences will be grievous by Baidu K, besides, you send entertainment articles, and your site theme is not to bring traffic is just garbage flows, is not long in support of my site. Now, you can only do some good stuff.


website with more than 10 articles, we want to send an entertainment content, now the Internet "Golden Lotus" video search, the most popular hot or one of the actor Hikaru Wakana in the play of the nuns, in order to play the role, the hair shaved. Although it is an actress, and may be devoted to art, I appreciate it from this point of view. Now the movies, there are few willing to art off, and had to find a Japanese actress, somebody else for you off! Write a Hikaru Wakana in the online postings, pictures are downloaded, then a few photo, think of this article, from the search can bring some click, suddenly thought, if taking seriously, don’t stop your space just strange, so The loss outweighs the gain.. I also remember the experience of my first garbage station being shut.

found a compromise, and found a few Hikaru Wakana in "Jin Ping Mei" in the stills passed up, even if Hu Nong is under the browser, and I hope that a few keywords, can draw some traffic. Personal webmaster can really not easy! The Japanese actress. Mooning pictures are everywhere, look at Baidu, "pornographic" photos are all together. Others can have these, but our website can not tolerate the slightest bit of sand. What is the name of this in


my blog, more than a hundred articles, in order to cater to Baidu’s "original", in order to cater for space providers clean, and make themselves very tired. I have to work full-time, and I can only get my website in front of my computer on Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes I have to do chores on the Saturday night. At this time, all the people have been working, entertainment, falling asleep, I am still racking my brains for their own web site development efforts.

, I know, I’m just a million people

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