The root cause and solution of the difficult development of local websites

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              with the rapid popularization of the Internet, with the Internet from the comprehensive to segmentation, rapid expansion from the national market to the local market, the local area network, internet life and consumer groups have become more mature, the development of more and more local website people attach importance to the local site of various types such as also appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Search the name of a small county on the Internet, there may be several or even more than 10 forums, talent networks, portals and other types of local websites. However, careful analysis of these local websites, behind the surface of the bustling, it is difficult to profit and difficult to develop the essence. Truly profitable local websites can be said to be minimal. In order to solve the problem of the development of local websites, it is necessary to study the underlying reasons for the difficult development of local websites, instead of only studying the reasons for promotion, insistence and technology. The following is a detailed analysis of the basic difficulties of local website development:

1. Limitations of the market

What is the most fundamental bottleneck in the development of

local portals? That is the limitation of the market!


as a local website, the main purpose is to serve local businesses, enterprises, is to serve the local Internet users, and its source of profit is mainly local customers. However, whether large or small city, Internet users and advertisers resource in a region will have limited, these limited resources can not afford to support the long-term development of a website, a website to long-term development to update the technology, operation scheme and other aspects constantly, is just a the technical team is not a local station can afford. Some people may say that now there are not many professional web site source code, buy one will do. To be honest, buy the source code really adapt to the development of the site? If really good, why they do not operate, but to sell the source code,

?The utility and ownership brings local

website sense is the cornerstone of existing local portal site, but only if a local station is far from enough, people like the Internet, because it is not space geographical restrictions,

Internet users hope to get more extensive social networking through the Internet, businesses are more likely to get more space for development via the Internet, rather than being confined to one area. The only way out of the local website is to remove the geographical limitations, that is, the alliance of various local websites, this alliance can not be a simple connection, but to achieve a unified combination of functions, services and data. The latest online operation of the 808 community is such an innovative web site.

two, the viscosity of the site

The second bottleneck of the development of

local portals is the viscosity of websites, that is, the loyalty, dependence and popularity of local netizens. In a region, net users base >

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