Personal blogging methods and ways to make money from sharing blogs

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now, more and more people pay attention to how to use blog to make money, the arrival of Web2.0, user interaction is enhanced. And the blog has spread to each household, together in the eyes of small owners using blog marketing is a very good choice to make money, make money blogging? Some small owners have their own blog and the propaganda platform, some people do not know how blog marketing is useless. In general, the main ways to make money using blogs are the following:

one. Blogging’s way to make money:

write about what you’re good at, and then share some of your experiences. Maybe someone will see your blog. The content you like will naturally be your potential customer,.

constantly accumulates, writes in a form of interest, a form of recorded life,.

the following three kinds of blog money making two forms, I feel good,.

The first way to make money in

is to sell services (to promote your niche, such as SEO consultants, web planners, etc.)

‘s second ways of making money are: selling products. (using resources around you and promoting it at the same time. Building your familiar product or selling someone else’s product with a commission.

)The third way to make money in

is to put up an ad (this is the simplest and direct way to choose some good advertising alliances, such as Adsense, which sometimes matches a very high unit price)


blog in a natural language to record the things of life, but also can be extended to their products. To increase their visibility. You can see my previous article: how to do marketing blog (, not only the product than the official website of the official language. Good effect and interactive blog it is very effective in.


two. Blog writing and promotion

1., write articles, send logs, it’s better to be original and more popular with the audience.

2. hot spots, speculation, such as the recent hearts of QQ avatar (here, BS, split the motherland, and support the Beijing Olympics)

3. in the blog put soft Wen, in the article appear 1-3 times own web site, so that user acceptance is reasonable.

4. blog also has the circle of blogs, so make friends

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