Virtual host selection small details affect large results

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website after registering the domain name, the next step is to select web applications, CMS is very hot now in the case, the general demand on the website should be able to meet the demand, so the last step the virtual host choice. For many small and medium-sized webmaster, I believe that the use of the virtual host, but its choice is very difficult, choose a cost-effective virtual host is really not so easy. Today, we sum up a few points, are their own personal experience, I hope we can make some gains.

filing or not, choose different

if your website is on record, then things are no longer so cumbersome, at least the domestic virtual host can choose. So it is recommended that you can try to record the record, because the domestic space has obvious advantages in access speed, foreign and speed, but the same price is still relatively cost-effective abroad. But if a lot of domain name is just apply, too late to record, want to do promotion, so the overseas virtual host is the first choice. Generally choose more free record host, Hongkong host and American host.

speed affects user experience

speed is, of course, the most important factor to consider when choosing a virtual host. The speed of some expensive virtual host factors is fast, we in the choice, of course, also want to choose faster, because the speed of the site directly affect the user experience, is usually a street stalls, stalls in front of a very large if people swarm or something in front of the block, so the masses will in the passing of time automatically around the card, so the booth is less a lot of things. The same is true of the website, especially to a certain extent, we must not lose customers because of the speed problem.

cost-effective is the good choice,

The price of the

virtual host is also an important factor that affects the user’s choice. Everyone likes cheap and fine things, so in the choice of the first sight is the price, if the price is no longer within their own ability, then the quality of good things will not consider. This is the habit of most people, I myself is the same, but within the scope of capacity, or will choose a cost-effective virtual host. Although some of the speed is similar, but the service is better, the problem can be solved for the first time, so the price is a little more expensive, when we choose, we must know more about the evaluation of users.

stability assurance customer base

many hosts are also very fast, and the service attitude is good, and the price is reasonable, but the host is not stable enough. First, stability is not enough to affect the user’s access, we developed a user has the cost, so the waste of a customer is equivalent to waste their time and material costs; on the other hand, instability will affect the search engine grab and included, especially Google, is very strict on the site stability requirements if only, "

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