Station owners should be integrated into the entrepreneurial thinking

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with the popularity of the Internet and computer knowledge, more and more Chinese Internet users. The popularity of the website, domain name service open source program, just download a website program, buy a space and a domain name, you can become a webmaster! The establishment of the environment and entrepreneurship is not very similar? Why not put the Webmaster Station as a business to do! The station with a similar business great place.

1, location

entrepreneurship should be positioned, and very important. Now all walks of life can be described as a hundred schools of thought contend, want to start business, we should consider what to do, in the face of what kind of crowd, how to increase repeat customers and so on. And the station is the same, to locate. Today’s Web sites are springing up. Maybe what you think has already existed on the internet. We have to consider what you want to do a website, what is the theme of the site is in the face of what kind of people, compared to the same site, your site has what characteristics, people with what come to your website, how to increase the rate of return… These are one of… Only by setting a good position will you be motivated to do so.

2, name

if you want to open a shop and start a company, of course, the name is very important. A good name is a good beginning. And the name has to do with the service and function of your store or company. The website domain name and website name will be the same! A good domain name and site name must be consistent with your own website localization, don’t be too complex, as simple as possible! As I want to build a forum, positioning in the webmaster learning exchanges, first thought to contain the word forum webmaster name, so the name "webmaster backyard", and the domain name ( means together! Webmaster, personally feel is still relatively easy to remember.

3, resources

To a great extent,

business success is not how much resources you have, but how much and what extent can you create resources or integrate resources so as to maximize the use of resources. Site is also the same, resources equivalent to the content of the site, high value of the original content, of course, most conducive to the development of the site, when not their own original content, how do we integrate this content?.

4, promotion

, if you want to promote your products, how to promote your website, and promote goods, you can use advertising, media, marketing personnel, network and so on. In fact, website promotion can also adopt these methods, but the promotion method is more commonly used web site network promotion, because through advertising media, marketing personnel, the cost is too high, but that is something that is not a good idea. There are many ways to promote the network, such as soft text, friendship links and so on.

5, innovation

, founder of Netscape, the most legendary technology innovator and entrepreneur on the Internet, said Anderson, "innovation is usually very simple, and any individual may inadvertently accomplish it."." Entrepreneurship needs innovation, but also innovation

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