The growth experience of a student webmaster

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03, 04 years, I am one or two, indulge in penetration, penetration of many sites, do a lot of wild things

!By the end of 04,

suddenly felt that what had been done was immoral, decided not to do it, to do something practical, and then set up * * student network (the specific name is not mentioned, has been closed.

has just started, so excited, came home from school every day the first thing is to see how the site, his boot, began to engage in a plurality of irrigation N, vest, started advertising (the so-called publicity is in Q group, pull their friends, classmates in irrigation, ~) now think about it, really good alone. Very, very original propaganda, but it’s also the most effective. There are hundreds of Posts posted on the forum every day. The excitement is beyond expression.

months later, the number of registered forum thousands, hundreds of people online at the same time, the moderator, lawyer support…… The others have

, with an air of importance!

, however, always feels that the data is too small to satisfy……

one night, when visiting the forum found a local portal sites have vulnerabilities, see they have tens of thousands of the forum theme of the forum, evil came, thinking that if their data is not easy to take over the

a lot?The rest of

‘s business is to infiltrate, retrieve, leave the back door, take data, and import its own database.

that night, insomnia, too excited, and constantly refresh the forum, see tens of thousands of forums, themes cooked, excited ah.

then things can be imagined, the other webmaster found after contact the lawyer, ready to sue.

lucky, even contact the webmaster, apologize for a long time, solved the matter.

has been on the newspaper and TV station for 2 years……

was pretty good then. From Baidu, Google to the thousands of IP greatly, the server hard disk hanging good times don’t last long every day, all the data was lost, no backup consciousness, lead to recovery, repair the hard disk.

the whole person fell to the bottom of the valley, very sad, 3 months later, the hard disk data came out, but it has been so long, nothing, and finally decided to give up.

entrance exam was very bad, casually entered a college, it seems that 07 years, shared a server, 20 people sharing, began to do mobile stations.

has done for several months, encountered during the crackdown, a user on the server of a forum careless management, and some sensitive words. As a result, the server was taken away by Uncle JC, and the server administrator was called to record his confession.

once again a serious blow to my young mind! The entire server’s data to go through hard hitting to get back, and that one is more than 1 months……


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