China microfinance network just got on the road

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first one thing worthy of thanks, more network reporter Qian to fall, she is really a good reporter, I casually say a word to write my story, she urged me from time to time, I again and again, she repeatedly urged, really feel shy. Now, calm down, sit down and talk about my story. Another day to wake up in the middle of the night, the night is deep, very dark, very quiet. Only at this time can I be isolated from the world, and only at this time can I truly calm down and remember the past and plan for the future.

on a cup of coffee, not yet open, the aroma of coffee is refreshing. Take out treasure N long MD, put on the market is the most expensive earplugs, so I’m isolated. A person’s late at night, a person’s coffee, a person’s music, wow, for a long time did not enter the world of their own, such an artistic conception for me now is so luxurious. Music is really a good thing. I always set a particular period with a particular song, so every song goes back to that special occasion.

China microfinance Union website has been born for three months. Oh, in fact, it is not difficult to make a website, put together some code, buy a space, send a domain name, the website was born. Oddly enough, the Chinese microfinance union was a complete coincidence. At first, it was speculation that it would try to run a small loan company in Zhejiang in September. But I found out that it was a lucrative career for me.

05 years, I graduated, as "the year", Lao Tzu Sichuan University graduation, Qifeng miserable rain. Compared with classmates or a bear Beihu waist backer: go to the bank, when the teacher; or the strength to the world’s top 500; or money to go abroad……

when you wander aimlessly around West Lake, you will really understand that the impact of family life on life is almost decisive. It was also in that year that I had a job that seemed perfect, sounded promising, and hopeless. It was one of the most painful memories, confused, wandering, hopeless, and without money. I always felt that my most humiliating moment was to reach for the money my mother had given me.

was the most difficult, one hundred dollars, I can live a month: 50 yuan to buy 30 pounds of rice, rice is pickled tofu, mustard, really can not stand to buy a piece of fat meat boiled a pot of soup. After dinner, I was lying to see e-books at the table, Li Jiacheng, Bao Yugang, Henry Fok, Li Zhaoji and other celebrities biography was then read, then, what books are read, English, computer, graphic design, management, economy, and even accounting, what want to learn, but what are school is not good.

do not know from what time, start the brand has been deeply engraved in mind, each exposed to something, I asked myself here will there be opportunities? Frankly, now if not to talk about the matter of money, I have no interest in. Don’t laugh at me, if you’ve ever felt alive

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