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This is the first time

KrLass third class share content arrangement, this lesson is to share China Science and technology director Yang Fan, worked at sina (responsible for content class operation), Baidu (responsible for PC end search optimization, product operation) and Lenovo (for online operation).

first of all, the common way of operation can be divided into 3 categories, content operations, product operations and user operations, the number of segments of the three increased in turn. This sharing focuses on the details of content operations, as well as some key points for product operations and user operations.

The content of

operation in the three persons in the most basic, mainly related to the following three points: external platform content: social media, from the media platform, Baidu Post Bar: the contents of this website need high cost (station, CMS) starting media reports: how to attract media reports with self content


companies in the initial stage, usually with a APP or a WeChat subscription number started, based on the construction cost consumption, the use of social media to increase the influence is relatively low cost way. Ordinary companies often have the following problem when considering social media operations:


need special human input,

?Some companies think that

operation micro-blog, WeChat is a product manager just can do. But Yang Fan believes that doing so will not only distract the product manager, but also make it difficult to guarantee the effectiveness of the product.


need to invest money,


sometimes, social media may cost more than other forms of publicity.

How does

see the importance of operations in the company?

from the company began pushing product that day, it should not be regarded as just the marketing department, but a whole company to do together.

Is it necessary for

executives to participate,


for example is millet, Lei Jun millet from the company hasn’t established began in micro-blog’s influence to the later construction, millet found in cooperation with sina micro-blog with this platform, which is further detailed content. The influence of top or key people in the social media can also play a big role in attracting media coverage of the company itself.

is followed by targeted business advice for different social media platforms.

micro-blog platform, keywords: Fan number, VS, interactive amount,

micro-blog exposure costs less than WeChat, and easy to operate, but many people for micro-blog’s key indicators there is a big misunderstanding. The pursuit of fans, for start-up companies, the significance is very limited, whether there is a real user interaction is the most important. The best trick is to look at the content of the industry in Sina hot search list, and pick them out to see, two weeks later will feel some.


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