Good customer maintenance doubling store sales

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no matter what business will have customers, will be involved in customer maintenance problems, in a shop, regardless of the site or line shop, whether can have the good operation and development, the most important is to see the two indicators, the first is the number of old customers, is back second people, is the person’s ability, ability of new customers is to bring the old customers. Summed up, mainly the following three indicators: flow, conversion, satisfaction.

1, traffic we all know, the more I flow, the better, of course, this is correct, but traffic will also have different sources, different sources of traffic quality will vary greatly. For example, how to come through the network advertisement flow, the general conversion rate is low, reaching five percent on the good, how is the old customers to introduce, the conversion rate is several times higher, so the key traffic is not running, the key is the quality of traffic sources. Flow need to do analysis, we can do a table as follows, analysis of our traffic from where, each of the total flow ratio, the conversion rate of each total flow is how, how to improve conversion rate.


accounting for

conversion rate

promotion method


conversion rate

station search






through train












promotion outside













two, conversion rate

To improve the conversion rate of

involves a shop comprehensive operation ability, shooting, from the most basic picture of the product design, copywriting, page setup, all from the user physical perspective, and the effect of different settings are used to analyze the data, such as an advertisement word with no words the expression, to attract >

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