Virus marketing and nternet business model are similar to each other

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viral marketing and the so-called Internet business model is complementary to each other, on the Internet, the mouth is more convenient, you can quickly spread like a virus, therefore, almost do not need network marketing costs.

what is a good business model of the Internet, in simple terms, the Internet business model is a long-term, income is greater than the pay, and steady and can clearly foresee the development of down mode is a good mode. Conversely, if the long-term development is an unknown pattern, it is not a good Internet business model.

example: your Internet enterprise website can adapt to the current development needs of the network, such as you need to lock the current customer group is SMS service, or just to communicate with the platform, you should go to study this group of people can enjoy the service, examples of this in the past. Many mainstream sites can be seen on. But at present, there are many companies want to subvert this idea, to do some customer groups to re adapt to its project, and some people only in twenty-second Century can understand the idea.

innovation is a good idea, but to innovate, we need to create the needs of our customers. For example, you will own the Internet on local enterprises, it is easy to be successful.

look, there are a lot of door type website, match type website, search type website, online shopping type website, game type website, all conform to the demand of this aspect. And we can also see, there are many enterprise website, we don’t know what they want to do, feeling is to do for yourself to watch a website.

recently, many people have been promoting viral marketing. In simple terms, the basic concept of this marketing approach is to allow customers to interact with each other and be willing to introduce services and websites.

to play out the power of this virus, that is, must have to identify customers with services, product content. Allow customers to continue to enjoy the relevant services and brought convenience. This pattern can be steady. Instead of making a campaign, the website that brings customers starts selling them all the time, sending emails to them, projecting a large number of related and irrelevant ads. The customer finished the good and left.

Internet business model is not a fixed model, as long as it can provide long-term value to customers, it is a good model. original author: theory.

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