One of the puzzles of the old stationmaster everywhere is free

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According to

statistics, China Internet has 120 million users, especially high-end business people crowd the dependence on the Internet is very obvious, but apart from a few sites China good income, most of the site have not fared well, most of them are in the burn.

‘s current sizzling WEB2.0 faces a dilemma of how to make a profit. Everywhere is free registration, free use of the so-called WEB2.0, the concept is flying everywhere, but really earn very little money. For example, "blog" websites or channels are everywhere, but in addition to individual stations, basically no blog site can make money.

on the one hand is a large number of Web sites to provide free services, on the one hand, a large number of sites in the loss of money. Why can appear this kind of present situation, do website do all is fool?


one, free


I have been on the Internet free model does not mind, but also that this is an important reason for the impact of China’s Internet development.

China currently has hundreds of thousands of small and large websites, and almost every site that is a little more presentable has to comply with the "free" rule. Money earned eyeballs.

opens different types of Web sites and is free everywhere. The content of the website is free, such as news can be read free of charge, all kinds of articles can be read free of charge. The website’s personal service is also free. Such as free mailbox, free space, free blog, free online shop and so on.

in today’s Internet era, most sites are barely support, a netizen laugh at the poor performance of the Internet Co, but on the other hand comfortably with all kinds of network services free of charge ".

according to the market principle, any service should be paid, but many services on the Internet are gratis. The reason is that the Internet operators seem to be the first to attract as many people as possible to their websites. In this way of thinking, the "free" mailbox, "free" information, by "free" accumulation of popularity, and then through other means of online advertising, e-commerce, Internet Co profit.

at this time, free has become a selling point. Let’s look at how some of the celebrities in the Internet view it:

, the so-called "Internet economy", "attention economy", "eyeball economy", is actually an experience economy, that is, let users to feel, feel good, and then think of ways (fees)." Sina CEO Wang Yan said: "we started from the free service, first experience, after the experience of making money, whether direct or indirect money."."

As for the

free pulling effect on the Internet economy, Wang Yan specifically cited the broadband development examples: "three years ago, you said that broadband is to collect fees, in the broadband play games is to charge, so many broadband users did not.

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