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pat Network, taobao.com, a shop system has attracted many enterprises to come to the shop to sell their goods, in order to make their products better known and recognized by the buyer, except through a number of promotional activities, also need to have the potential customer site or forum to promote.

wholesale online (pfzx) is a pat Network, taobao.com and wholesale business information platform, (mainly a lot of people looking for wholesale and agent supply here), because the site planning initial positioning more professional – professional wholesale information platform. Therefore, attracting a large number of wholesale search sourcing and product agent wholesale enterprises issued the crowd. The information in this website, can obtain very good results!

it is worth mentioning that this wholesale online audit of wholesale information is quite strict, and not all information can be audited, you must remember the following

1, you have to do wholesale,

2, the information must have company introduction, product introduction, and wholesale rules

3, the information as far as possible not at the end of 150 words,

4, insert an online store or website address at the end of contact

5, do not repeat the release of information (to be deleted)

of course, in pat Network, Taobao and a friend of the shop is often on the site for sourcing. There are many wholesale businesses that offer free agents and agents. Finally, wish the majority of online shop wholesalers are the business more cattle


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