What issues should pay attention to when making a blog theme

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WP provides today read the official theme, actually didn’t get into, occasionally and feel not meet their needs, or some themes installed and combined with its own WP Its loopholes appeared one after another., the theme of the experience, I think as a theme for the blog release, especially want to get a good user support the theme, need to pay attention to the details of the summary can be roughly said to be compatibility, usability, aesthetics and function diversification.


personally think that a good theme, the first consideration is the device compatibility, in the process of making the theme of the moment, should be considered compatible with different browsers, so as to avoid the professional feel to the user in different compatible browser, IE browser is mainly to do the work, for the other standard browser in general, in accordance with the W3C specification attributes are able to explain.

However, for a

to meet the tastes of the public, especially for the production of WordPress such as frequently updated program theme, if you want to be the theme of most of the user’s favorite, for a compatible program version of history is needed to consider, sometimes need to take into account the historical version support for some special functions, at least should not be installed after the theme page cannot be displayed.

ease of use

first, we can not choose their own how the users, can not require all users to have many HTML or even CSS such as PHP, ASP and other knowledge, so the theme also need to use, you should try to ensure that users after installation you have produced the theme does not need how many settings that can be easily used. Of course, the needs of advanced users also need to be taken care of, and this part of the personalized work should be able to be independent, you need to give a default value to facilitate the use of low-level users.


I believe that most of the installation of the theme of the

friends in time to choose a theme, the first reason is that the appearance of the theme, because this is the most intuitive judgment, and as for its specific function is secondary consideration.

The diversity of


takes into account the different needs of users who use the theme, so you need to add some commonly used functional modules to the topic. For example, disk operating system now, although many people including me tend to choose the pure version, but can not stop the majority of people love covering almost all commonly used procedures using the Ghost version of the trend of a fool, for the work of computer city people, the second is the best choice. For the same topic, if you want your WP theme to go into the Yo2 library, I’m sure you’ll need to turn the most frequently used pages and search functions into the subject.

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