Why does social shopping guide make Taobao happy and worried

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1, Ali "ecosphere"

more than four years ago, Ali began to build high-level e-commerce ecosystem". They went to a Mengniu, listen to Niu Gensheng speak Mengniu ecosystem, from the ranch, milk farmers, milk stations, workshops, distribution, channels and so on. At that time, Alibaba set the development strategy for the past four years, "building the XXX ecosystem of e-commerce."".

in Ali, a big strategy, from the formulation to the actual implementation, will take three to four years. Just at this point in time, the eco circle basically completed, there are deviations, but not big, and then the next four years to implement the strategy has just been introduced. This ecosphere can be popularly understood as "


1) to ensure that the industry’s lowest traffic acquisition costs

2) internal marketing system

3) trading system

4) payment system

5) logistics system

6) financial credit system

7) service support system (mainly by open platform)

8) data and membership management system

this is a perfect, more open ecosystem. In this ecosystem, solving a lot of employment, has helped millions of people a better life, the ecological system occupies the entire China retail market share of nearly 4%, only Taobao this year more than one trillion transactions, but also affects the number of import and export trade.

here, I have to compliment the Alibaba’s great! All our electricity supplier practitioners should be thankful to the Alibaba, especially for me from Ali out of the entrepreneurs, we do the market is Ali culture, our own knowledge and experience is Ali culture, even our business the start-up capital is Ali to (salary savings or stock cash)

but we also have to take a good look at the openness and openness of this ecosystem. The Alibaba is to serve small enterprises (in accordance with the Ma latest target "one million annual turnover million shop", such a business is really very small is beautiful), because Ali himself is in feeling the stones, because this is a disruptive innovation for the industry, etc. We have to admit that, for non small enterprises, the current opening capacity of Alibaba is very limited, and the service capacity is also very inadequate. In this ecological circle, the short grass can live very moist, want to grow a big tree, it will be quite difficult.

so we began to find when shopping guide website bigger, Taobao open platform interface calls for some of the problems encountered, the monthly guest into occasionally out of some problems. Even start rumors four: Taobao to block shopping guide website.

in fact, Taobao does

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